Monday, March 16, 2009

Hello Friends and Family,

Well this is my first time posting to our blog, I thought it was going to be more difficult then it ended up being. We still have things we need to learn how to do, but we will figure them out as we go. I’ve been working a lot of hours due to year-end, but things are finally starting to slow down and I’m so thankful to have more time to work on our house and all the projects that have been waiting for me. We haven’t posted for awhile because there hasn’t been much to say, but we are now making progress again.

On Saturday we met our social worker, Thea, in Tacoma. We decided to make the drive up there to save on the cost of her mileage and then visit our friends, Ken and Claire. We met her at the Mandolin CafĂ© and had a great first visit. We shared with her our journey thus far to start our family, and discussed what life would be like with our kids. We told her how we met, of course Christopher told his version and then I told her the truthJ It was really nice talking about our marriage, it’s a real self-esteem booster to hear your husband describe you, I turned a nice shade of red with all the sweet things he said. Mid-way through our conversation she said that he had described me in a couple different ways thus far and then asked how else he would describe me. I about died when he called me a hotty in front of her, but she laughed and thought it was cute. I didn’t find out about the most embarrassing part of our meeting until after we left…luckily it happened at the beginning of our visit and we had time to redeem ourselves. When we arrived, I went to the ladies room and Christopher went with her to the conference room, he placed the backpack with the laptop in it on the back of his chair and then went to sit down. Little did he know the chair had fallen backwards due to the weight of the backpack and he sat down and kept going to the ground. His legs were flailing around in the air and a spectator came running to see if he was okay. Luckily the only thing he bruised was his ego and the laptop works fine. After our two-and-a-half hour visit with Thea, we drove up to Seattle to see Ken, Claire and Jack. We had a great time at their house visiting and eating dinner. We look forward to our next visit in April when we will stay the night and get to hang out with them longer.

We will be working through our Homestudy checklist the next 3 weeks before we meet Thea again and hopefully will have a final homestudy by the end of April. We are also working on the checklist Joy gave us for our Dossier, we really appreciate her help and know this wouldn’t be possible without her. Thanks Joy!

We love you all and appreciate your prayers and kind words during this journey.

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  1. Michelle, I miss you so much! I am so glad that you posted, I can almost hear your voice when I read it.